Dr. Lars Richter
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Althanstrasse 14, 2E 407
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43-1-4277-55113
email: lars.richter@univie.ac.at

Lars Richter studied pharmacy in Vienna from 2002-2007 and was finally awarded with the "Würdigungspreis des BMWF", which is an excellence prize for the 10 best graduates from the University of Vienna. He then started his PhD in the Pharmacoinformatics Research Group of Prof. Gerhard Ecker, being funded by a DOC-fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences. During his doctoral studies he gained a deep insight into structure-based methodologies, such as homology modeling and molecular docking. He further obtained a thorough understanding of ligand gated ion channels by the tight collaboration with the experimental group of Prof. Sieghart (Medical University of Vienna).

After he finally finished his PhD in pharmacy in December 2012, he started his postdoctoral studies in the group of Prof. Kuchler (Medical University of Vienna), turning more into the field of Chemoinformatics. One year later he returned to the group of Prof. Gerhard Ecker as a PostDoc, continuing his research activities in Chemoinformatics and data/ knowledge management. Lars also participated in a range of IMI projects, such as eTOX, Open PHACTS and K4DD leading profound expertise in the fields of toxicity, semantic web and binding kinetics.