Our Mission

Pharmaceutical Chemistry ("Pharmazeutische Chemie") is a core discipline within the Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is centrally engaged in the drug discovery process, mainly focusing on lead finding, lead optimisation and structure-activity relationship investigations, using technologies of computer-aided drug design, natural products chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and biochemical approaches in a transdisciplinary combination which is generally known by the term "Medicinal Chemistry". Discovery and validation of new drug targets has also been recognised as a complementary research field, as well as state-of-the art methods of pharmaceutical imaging. Moreover, important aspects of drug development and drug production (active pharmaceutical ingredients technology) are addressed by Pharmaceutical Chemistry by the development and application of methods in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical analysis, being absolutely essential in Pharmaceutical Quality Management.

The Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry represent a wide range of research fields in drug discovery, drug development, drug production, and (to some extent) drug utilisation. Based on this broad research expertise, there is a continuing, strong commitment to top-quality academic teaching, ensuring that our graduates will always be recognised as the experts for drugs and their discovery, development, production and utilisation.