High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

In June 2014 a new high resolution mass spectrometer has been installed at the Faculty Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

The new facility consists of a UHPLC separation system coupled with an electrospray- quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Bruker maXis HD) for mesurement of exact masses and isotope pattern with ultra-high-resolution.

Special software for post-processing and advanced data analyses (target analysis, profile analysis, protein scape solution-package, metabolite tools) have been installed enabling the determination of impurity profiles as well as the structure eludication of new natural products and the identification of unknown metabolites.

Sample submission: link to detailed information and entry forms

Contact and Support:
Dr. Judith Wackerlig (Senior Scientist for Mass Spectrometry)
Daniel Dobusch, MSc (Technical Assistant)