Early Drug Discovery Doctoral Program

The Early Drug Discovery Doctoral Program (EDDDP) of the Center of Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Vienna aims to provide state-of-the-art education in the field of preclinical drug research.

A major focus is devoted to developing methods for

  • computer-assisted identification of new hit compounds from natural sources affecting key components of the metabolic network
  • characterizing their pharmacological/toxicological profile in order to assess their molecular mode of action, and
  • exploring their use as tool compounds in animal models of metabolic disease for target-oriented interventions.

The PhD students will highly benefit from working in strongly interconnected projects. Methods offered range from in silico screening up to in vivo experiments, thus providing a unique opportunity to be exposed to all major techniques pursued in early drug discovery programs.


Prof. Thierry Langer (Coordinator)
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Althanstrasse 14, 2D 306
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43-1-4277-55103
email: thierry.langer@univie.ac.at


Prof. Gerhard Ecker

Prof. Verena Dirsch

Prof. Manfred Ogris

Prof. Judith Rollinger

Prof. Sergey Zotchev