NMR Spectroscopy

We are pleased to announce a significant improvement to our resources as we introduce a state-of-the-art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility in our Faculty. Our NMR facility ranks amongst the finest in Austria and meets international standards.

Today pharmaceutical research is based on the exact knowledge of molecular structures of drugs and their biological targets. Certainly, NMR spectroscopy is one of the most straight forward method for identification and characterization of new structures giving information on constitution, configuration and conformation of the target molecules.

Thus, NMR spectroscopic techniques and resulting molecular competence are well established at the Centre of Pharmaceutical Sciences giving a strong inpact to current research activities in drug discovery and drug development.

Fields of pharmaceutical research based on NMR spectroscopic structure elucidations:

  • Drug Synthesis: Determination of the constitution und configuration of drug candiates and intermediates
  • Drugs from Nature: Identification and structure determination of natural occuring active principles
  • Drug Analytics: Identification and purity analysis of active incredients („impurity profiling“)
  • BioNMR: Protein and protein-ligand 3D-structure elucidation
  • Protein dynamics: Elucidation of protein and protein-ligand dynamics, allosteric couplings, and dynamic structural ensembles
  • Fragment-Based Drug Discovery: NMR screening of fragment libraries
  • Clinical Pharmacy: Structure determination of metabolites
  • Pharmacoinformatics: Conformation analysis of ligands


Cost Model:

Our commitment to providing the best possible resources necessitates a revision in our cost model. Effective from the upcoming quartal, a nominal fee will be applicable for utilizing the NMR center. 

This fee will help support the maintenance, upgrades, and ongoing operational costs of the facility, 

ensuring its availability and excellence for years to come.

We would like to bring to your attention that the fee structure will be influenced by fluctuations in the price of helium. Helium, a crucial element in the operation of our NMR facility, is subject to market dynamics that impact its availability and cost.

Rest assured, every effort has been made to keep the fee structure competitive, enabling the continued access to this exceptional NMR facility while upholding the financial well-being of our institution. We invite you to explore the myriad possibilities that NMR can offer.

University of Vienna

200 MHz

400 MHz

500 MHz

700 MHz

cost / hour

2.00 € 

6.00 € 

20.00 € 

32.00 € 






Faculty of Life Sciences

200 MHz

400 MHz

500 MHz

700 MHz

cost / hour

0.30 € 

1.30 € 

1.70 € 

2.40 € 


External users should contact the head of the Facility.

Booking system:

Our Facility is managed through Stratocore PPM:

200 MHz NMR spectrometer

For routine NMR analysis.

SPECTROSPIN 200 MHz magnet system

DUAL 13C/1H probe,


SAMPLECASE autosampler for 24 samples.

400 MHz NMR spectrometer

For routine and advanced analysis

ASCEND 400 MHz magnet system


AVANCE III console

SampleXpress autosampler for 60 samples

500 MHz US NMR spectrometer

Ultrashield 500 MHz magnet system

TCI H/F-C-N Prodigy

Avance III HD console

SampleJet for up to 600 samples.

500 MHz Ascend NMR spectrometer

ASCEND 500 MHz magnet system

TCI H/F-C-N Prodigy CryoProbe

AVANCE NEO console

SampleJet for up to 600 samples



700 MHz NMR spectrometer

Ascend 700 MHz magnet system

TCI H/F-C-N Helium CryoProbe (TCI)

Avance NEO console

SAMPLECASE cooled autosampler for 24 samples.

Contact and Support:
Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Julien Orts (Scientific Support)
Dr. Nicolas Coudevylle (Scientific Support)
Dr. Thomas Seidel (IT Support)