Mag. pharm. Dr. Julia Moesslacher
CURA, Head of Research and Development


Julia Moesslacher studied pharmacy at Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck, from 2005 to 2008. After her diploma thesis on the evaluation of anemia treatments in cancer patients she continued at Innsbruck Medical University for post-graduate studies in the field of molecular biology and prostate cancer research. Then she gained additional work experience as a pharmacist in a public pharmacy in Vienna and received the Austrian pharmacist’s diploma, graduating with honors.
In 2011 she returned to University of Innsbruck to start her PhD thesis, which was performed in the framework of the FP7 EU project SILVER. Her research focused on the design and synthesis of novel antiviral compounds with a focus on hit-to-lead and lead optimization. In June 2014, she obtained her PhD degree with distinction.

Her work was presented in several talks and posters on national and international congresses and symposia, and awarded with a “Special Presentation Award for an outstanding Scientific Presentation at ÖPhGraz 2014” at the 23rd Scientific Congress of the Austrian Pharmaceutical Society in Graz in April 2014.

In November 2014 she joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry lead by Prof Thierry Langer as Univ.-Ass./PostDoc. Her main research activities were focused on early phase drug discovery, including design, synthesis and biophysical analysis of novel bio-active molecules.

Since 2015 Dr. Julia Moesslacher acts as the official representative of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the Austrian Pharmacopoeia Expert Group.

With 2016 she left University of Vienna to become head of research and development at the life sciences company CURA in Tyrol.