Mag. pharm. Michael Hintersteininger
University of Vienna, Faculty of Life Sciences
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Althanstrasse 14, 2G 351
A-1090 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43-1-4277-55039

Pharmaceutical Imaging Research Group

Michael Hintersteininger, born in 1984, started his PhD study at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry in 2011. He is employed as a university assistant and lecturer at the same department.
For his PhD project, he designs diesters of the carbonic acid and their analogues, which might be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Before he started his PhD, he studied pharmacy at the University of Vienna and received his master degree in 2010. For his diploma thesis, he screened potential H2S releasing substances for their effect on isolated smooth and hard muscle preparations of the guinea pig. He also passed the education for the “Federal Pharmacist Diploma” in 2011.